Acosta victorious

Judge Timothy Kelly of the U.S. District Court in Washington D.C. has temporarily reinstated Jim Acosta’s White House press credentials. In doing so, Kelly clearly indicated that his ruling was strictly based on Acosta’s right to due process pursuant to the 5th Amendment in the Constitution. While some in the media are calling this a victory for the press on First Amendment grounds, their celebration might be premature, as the only thing that Acosta was guaranteed by way of this ruling was a seat at future press conferences and/or briefings. Kelly’s ruling was quite narrow in scope. Specifically, as set forth in a recent article in Hot Air, Kelly was bound by the Sherill case, where the majority stated: [W]e are presented with a situation where the White House has voluntarily decided to establish press facilities for correspondents who need to report therefrom. These press facilities are perceived as being open to all bona fide Washington-based journalists,...(Read Full Post)
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