I hope Republicans understand that 2020 will be all recounts

A few days ago, Mrs. Clinton said something rather irresponsible.  She told an audience that Stacey Abrams would have already won Georgia race if “she had a fair election.”

Did someone mention to Mrs. Clinton that Mr. Kemp is up by 58,000?   

What evidence does Mrs. Clinton have?  Is she suggesting that the entire election system in Georgia is corrupt?  What about the Democrats who won?  Are those elections unfair too?

We are watching three important stories here:

First, the Democrats are playing the race card through these recounts.  It's no coincidence that the two losing candidates are liberal African Americans. 

Second, Mrs. Clinton knows that the next Democrat primary will be fought in the left corner.  So she is pushing herself to the left as fast as she can.

And third, the Democrats are pushing the envelope to see what they can get away with in 2020.  In other words, these 2016 recounts are an exhibition game before we play for keeps in 2020.

I agree with Ned Ryun:   

If you think what’s taking place in Florida right now with the recounts is just about 2018 results, you’d be sadly mistaken. Yes, of course, the fight is about ensuring that Ron DeSantis and Rick Scott taking their rightful seats as governor and senator. But much more is at stake.

The most basic principles of our constitutional republic would mean nothing without free and fair elections, along with the rule of law, to support them.

Yet what we’re seeing with the Democrats in Broward and Palm Beach Counties is the Clinton approach to the law: the law is more a series of suggestions that can they choose to follow, or not, as suits their convenience.

And they do find laws so terribly inconvenient. In their minds, the idea of free and fair elections is a quaint idea that’s for suckers.

Keep the votes flowing like manna from heaven until they win is the Democrats’ mantra.

That's right.  The Democrats' 2020 strategy will be to look for votes until they win.  2018 is just a trial run for 2020.

Let's hope that GOP governors in Florida and Ohio make changes that prevent these problems again.

I am not against recounts, especially when the difference in the candidates automatically calls for one.  Unfortunately, we are not seeing that in Florida. 

This is a full assault to help Democrats.  It can't be allowed!

Image credit: Nathania Johnson

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