A permanent solution to voter fraud

We are told on a daily basis of all the technology in use or development to track us in order to make us safer, such as facial recognition, license plate scanners, even down to how we walk.  None of us have a choice in whether we want to participate in this data collection or not, our faces are captured in some anonymous government database regardless.  How that data is used is also not for us to know. So why not apply some of that technology to our voting process?  Whether by fingerprint scan, retinal scan, or facial scan, there is a technology that can uniquely identify an individual when they show up to vote that will correlate them with their address, voter registration, citizenship status, and voter eligibility status (felon or not), to quickly tell the polling staff this person is eligible to vote and has not already voted elsewhere. Since it is way too much trouble to produce a valid form of identification, all you need to do is have a recognizable face in...(Read Full Post)
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