A couple of November sports distractions from the past

Do you need a break from political chatter?   Let's remember a couple of sports stories from this week years ago. Back in November 1966, the great Sandy Koufax retired. He had won 165 games with a 2.76 ERA.  Between 1961 and 1966, he may have been the greatest pitcher in baseball history:  five ERA titles and 129 wins!   Add three Cy Young Awards to that, plus a perfect game in 1965. Koufax was also brilliant in the postseason:  4-3 in with a 0.95 ERA in four World Series. One of those three losses turned out to be his last start: game 2 of the 1966 World Series against the Orioles. I never saw him pitch.  I do recall running from school to watch game 7 of the 1965 World Series.  He broke my heart that afternoon when he blanked the Twins and clinched the Dodgers' second title in three seasons. In 1971, Koufax was elected to the Hall of Fame.  He retired at age...(Read Full Post)
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