Who is right about the backlash?

Give me a nickel for every time someone mentions the word "backlash" on TV.

The latest is that women will show up to punish the GOP.  The other backlash is that women will turn out to punish Democrats for mistreating Judge Kavanaugh and family.

Are you confused yet?

What if both sides are right?  In other words, why if both sides turn out to vote in huge numbers?  If they do, then my money is on the GOP having a good night., as Margot Cleveland wrote:

The extreme left of the Democratic Party may celebrate leaders' no-holds-bar attempt to derail Kavanaugh's confirmation, but swing suburban moms are appalled by the Democrats' ill-use of Ford, Ramirez and Swetnick.

In Ford, women saw a distraught and damaged woman paraded before the Senate, her privacy in tatters, because her sexual assault allegations were leaked to the news media at the most politically opportune moment.  And as Ford's story fell apart following her testimony, women saw the obvious harm the Democrats' tactic will inflict on real victims of sexual assault.

Moderate women voters also find Democratic senators' utter disregard for the men affected by false claims of sexual assault terrifying.  Women watched as Kavanaugh spoke forcefully to defend his name and honor, and in Kavanaugh, women saw their innocent fathers, husbands, brothers, or sons, falsely accused, condemned and left with a reputation irreparably damaged.  And in Kavanaugh's loving wife, young daughters and distraught mother, women saw themselves and their families.

Women also saw the future of a society that puts politics over the principles of fairness and the presumption of innocence.  And they saw Democrats leading that charge.

Democratic politicians, professional protesters and reproductive-rights activists are so blinded by their rage at how President Donald Trump succeeded in appointing a second originalist justice to the Supreme Court, they cannot see the anger they unleashed in the apolitical populace across America.  They will see it, though, come November.

I agree completely.  Women will turn out to defend the principle of innocent until proven guilty, or something that most of us thought was accepted by both sides.

In the end, the ladies may decide the fate of the next House and Senate.  My money is on conservative moms who must be appalled at what they watched on TV.

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