Two MN Republican candidates assaulted as Dem spokesman jokingly threatens violence

A spokesman for the Minnesota Democratic Farmer-Labor Party has been suspended for one week without pay after he joked on Facebook that Republicans will be guillotined after the election.

I guess this is what passes for "humor" among Democrats these days.

The GOP chairman says suspension is not enough.

Washington Free Beacon:

The suspension came days after Minnesota state representative Sarah Anderson was punched in the arm after spotting a man destroying Republican yard signs. She said the attack left her scared, and her attacker only desisted when she fled to her car and threw it in reverse.

"It was just insane. He was charging at me, saying, 'Why don't you go kill yourself?'" Anderson told the Washington Free Beacon. "To have someone physically coming after you and attacking you is just disheartening."

The Plymouth Police Department investigation into Rep. Anderson's alleged assault remains ongoing. A spokeswoman confirmed the department had identified a suspect, but declined further comment.

Anderson was not the only GOP candidate attacked. First-time state representative candidate Shane Mekeland suffered a concussion after getting sucker punched while speaking with constituents at a restaurant in Benton County.  Mekeland told the Free Beacon he has suffered memory loss – forgetting Rep. Anderson's name at one point in the interview – and doctors tell him he will have a four-to-six week recovery time ahead of him. He said he was cold cocked while sitting at a high top table at a local eatery and hit his head on the floor.

"I was so overtaken by surprise and shock and if this is the new norm, this is not what I signed up for," he said.

Benton County Sheriff Troy Heck told the Free Beacon that his department has interviewed the alleged assailant.  Investigators are awaiting medical records about the extent of Mekeland's injuries before referring the case to the local district attorney's office.  He expects those results to come in the next week.

Mekeland said he was disappointed that he had not seen Democrats condemn the attack against him, but was floored to see the party take such a light approach to Davis's comments.

"He's a political staffer so you'd think if anybody should know boundaries, I think that'd be it," he said.

Anderson was equally harsh about the DFL's response, calling it "incredibly irresponsible."

If Democrats hadn't been so hysterical about the "violent rhetoric leading to violence" meme as a way to blame Republicans for attacks, this sort of "joking" wouldn't cause much concern.  The famous GOP ad with the bullseye targeting several Democratic seats, including Rep. Gabby Giffords, who was seriously wounded in an attack by a deranged constituent, has been used for years by Democrats as an example of Republican threats of violence.

A few years ago, if you had said we should "hang Democrats from the highest yardarm," no one would have minded.  The metaphor would have clearly been meant in jest (since there are few yardarms around to hang Democrats from).

Say that today, and you may be arrested for making terrorist threats.

Indeed, the atmosphere for politicians has become dangerous.  In addition to the two Minnesota GOP candidates, the campaign manager for Nevada Republican gubernatorial candidate Adam Laxalt was also assaulted, this time by a Democratic party operative:

A tracker for a liberal super PAC was arrested on Tuesday night in Nevada for assaulting the female campaign manager for Republican gubernatorial candidate Adam Laxalt.  Kristin Davidson told police the man grabbed her arm and twisted it behind her back, leaving visible bruising.

Mike Stark, who was following around Laxalt for David Brock's American Bridge 21st Century super PAC, barged into a room where Laxalt, Nevada's attorney general, was meeting with Davidson and two other staffers, Davidson said in her statement to the police.  She said she was cornered by Stark before he grabbed her.

"I could not move," Davidson said in her statement to police, which was shared with the Free Beacon.  "Stark grabbed my right arm, twisted it behind my back, squeezed it very hard, and every time I tried to pull away he pulled me closer and gripped my arm tighter."

"I kept screaming help me, stop hurting me, you are hurting me," she wrote.  "Stark would not stop and grabbed my arm tighter and pulled me closer to him and the door.  I was terrified and at that point saw multiple colleagues try to pull him off me but Stark held tighter."

Stark was also stalking Rep. Devin Nunes.  Even for a Democrat, the guy is obviously unhinged.

Just prior to the Civil War, congressmen used to arrive on the House floor armed with pistols.  We aren't quite at that point yet.  But with the most prominent Democrat in the country, Hillary Clinton, calling for an end to civility with the opposition party, anything and everything could happen.

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