Two MN Republican candidates assaulted as Dem spokesman jokingly threatens violence

A spokesman for the Minnesota Democratic Farmer-Labor Party has been suspended for one week without pay after he joked on Facebook that Republicans will be guillotined after the election. I guess this is what passes for "humor" among Democrats these days. The GOP chairman says suspension is not enough. Washington Free Beacon: The suspension came days after Minnesota state representative Sarah Anderson was punched in the arm after spotting a man destroying Republican yard signs. She said the attack left her scared, and her attacker only desisted when she fled to her car and threw it in reverse. "It was just insane. He was charging at me, saying, 'Why don't you go kill yourself?'" Anderson told the Washington Free Beacon. "To have someone physically coming after you and attacking you is just disheartening." The Plymouth Police Department investigation into Rep. Anderson's alleged assault remains ongoing. A...(Read Full Post)
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