Trump goes 'postal' on China

It hasn't been widely reported, but the Trump administration has opened a new front in its trade conflict with China.  In looking out for America's interests, the U.S. has started the processes of withdrawing from a 144-year-old international postal body that today gives sizable discounts to Chinese merchants who ship small packages to the U.S.   Here's how Bloomberg News sums up the situation: Arcane rules established by the 144-year old Universal Postal Union make it possible for a Chinese e-retailer to send a package across the Pacific to a customer in the U.S. at a lower cost than what an American competitor would spend to ship the same item to a neighboring state. Obviously, this gives Chinese manufactures an leg up on their American competitors.  This put puts American workers and even the United States Postal Service and private shippers like FedEx and UPS at a disadvantage.  The rationale for these reduced rates on...(Read Full Post)
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