This American mini-revolution is something to celebrate

When you submit to a power structure, you legitimize and reinforce its power.  When you defy a power structure, you delegitimize and undermine its power.  Brett Kavanaugh's confirmation to the Supreme Court isn't merely good for the Court or for the political right in America (despite my personal distaste for his love affair with executive power); it is both a real and a deeply symbolic victory for the true resistance movement in modern America, the resistance to the actual dominant forces here, the forces of Cultural Marxism.

Republicans in the Senate could have buckled beneath the weight of the lying press's ceaseless, screeching anti-Trump, anti-Kavanaugh propaganda, but they didn't.  Republican men (and even Republican women) in the Senate could have followed the press's marching orders and bought in to the lie that their political careers were over when they dared to stand up to the #MeToo movement and its neo-Bolshevik sponsors, but they didn't.  It is a good day to be an American, because Americans are supposed to be all about resistance to rigid, extractive, and crooked power structures.  The Cultural Marxist power structure in Washington is nothing if not rigid, extractive, and crooked.

Kavanaugh's nomination, like Trump's election before it, was a victory for the people over the demonic forces in Washington that lord it clumsily but viciously over the people, in thorough opposition to our interests.  I do not think it an exaggeration to claim that the power structure in Washington, which is supposed to represent us, wants our religion and traditions abolished; our people replaced with hordes of third-world peons; our sons sacrificed for Middle Eastern kingdoms and kleptocracies; and our civilization transformed into a Soviet dystopia, where #MeToo show trials pass as justice and the law has no relationship whatsoever with the text it is supposed to be premised upon.

The press will tell you Kavanaugh's confirmation debases the Court's standing because Kavanaugh isn't an objective judge, but a biased ideologue and partisan.  Leon Trotsky's Mad Aunt Ruth (Ginsburg) isn't biased or partisan, however.  Her many offhand, highly political statements, and her many crude attacks on President Trump, never managed to undermine the standing or the independence of the high court, according to that same press.  Funny how that works!  The press will also tell you Kavanaugh is morally unfit to be a justice because he may have committed some venial sins as a youth.  Of course, Democrat Beto O'Rourke isn't equally morally unfit to serve in the U.S. Senate despite committing burglary in his youth and getting behind the wheel while drunk and then fleeing from the police.  Of course not!  His far more serious and actually corroborated sins are not disqualifying...because your Cultural Marxist overlords said so.

The press will likewise tell you Kavanaugh's nomination is a disaster for America, as Trump's electoral victory was a disaster for American democracy.  What the press really means is that Kavanaugh's confirmation, like Trump's electoral victory before it, is a disaster for smug Western elites and for the dominance of their twisted Marxist values.

So, let's just cut the nonsense.  Everything and everyone the left-wing press and power structure oppose, they oppose to advance the Cultural Marxist cause, and everything and everyone they support, they support to advance the Cultural Marxist cause.  It's not about right and wrong, or justice and injustice, or putting an end to sexual assault, or anything of the sort.  It is about advancing Cultural Marxism, nothing more, nothing less.

The left doesn't have a problem with partisans on the high court; it has a problem with our partisans on the high court.  It doesn't object to putting flawed men into power; it just doesn't want our flawed men in power.  The left's support for Bill Clinton, despite his checkered past, proves this definitively, and the left's support for (former?) black nationalist Keith Ellison, despite his checkered present, proves that the left is ready and willing to pardon serial sexual abusers who have engaged in abuse not as minors or in their remote past, but recently as adults, even when there is actual physical evidence confirming that abuse, so long as those abusers support the political left's agenda.

Since the baseless Kavanaugh accusations were never about anything except advancing leftism, and since the left's deplorable plot to derail Kavanaugh's nomination failed, it follows that Cultural Marxism was not advanced, which means that the left-wing power structure lost – indeed, was beaten back by our own forces.  When you defy a power structure, you delegitimize and undermine its power, which means that the Cultural Marxist left's grip on the throat of America is slipping.  If that is not something to celebrate, nothing is.

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