The other woman

Last week, regarding Judge Kavanaugh before the U.S Senate, I pictured millions of U.S. women watching and saying: "That could be my husband, my son, my father," etc.  In other words, the overwhelming majority of men do not assault women.  Instead, they are good fathers and husbands who respect women.

So how are those women feeling now?  I saw this from Stephanie Gutmann:

We are furious at the people purporting to speak for women, furious that what should have been an ordinary parsing of evidence (what little there is after 36 years) was turned into a Kabuki theater campaign ad for the Democratic Party, stressing their trope that the GOP is conducting a so-called war on women.

Sixty-nine percent of Republican women, according to a Morning Consult/Politico poll released Monday, said they favor confirming Kavanaugh. As for anecdotal evidence, I know what my friends and relatives are saying and what the several women who called into Hugh Hewitt's radio show said this week.

Many conservative women detest the McCarthyite tone of the proceedings; we feel sickened by the sight of crowds of college girls ripping up pro-Kavanaugh posters; we are worried as mobs chant, "We believe survivors!"  (What if Ford is not truly a "survivor"?  Don't we have to establish whether she's a survivor first?)

This article confirms what I've been seeing on a purely social basis.  My analysis is not a poll, but rather just plain conversation, from talking to people at church, over coffee, waiting at the bank, and so on.

People grow angry when they see an injustice on the level of destroying a man and his family.

The Democrats clearly overplayed their hand.  They never anticipated that women would be angry at them.  Maybe they will show up to vote and express their discontent.  I hope so!

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