The left's scheme to neutralize Justice Kavanaugh

Some on the left are so committed to defeating Trump and his agenda that they spend hours every day scheming to thwart his surrogates and appointees.  The NeverTrumps appear on television as pundits in numbers much greater than their real relationship to the party.  The media have less impact upon the Trump-supporters than they would hope, and they have yet to understand the loyalty his supporters show to the president. 

Now, barely one day since Brett Kavanaugh's confirmation as an associate justice of the Supreme Court, some have begun the effort to remove him. 

Photo credit: Fred Schilling/Supreme Court.

The leader in this attempt would be Representative Jerrold Nadler of New York, who is likely to become the Judiciary chair should the Democrats take the House.  The process of impeachment requires a majority vote of the House and then a two-thirds vote in the Senate. 

Alan Dershowitz says this impeachment is unconstitutional, as Kavanaugh has not committed any crime in office.  It would further divide our nation.  But to the left, this is okay.  The last effort to do this was in 1804 against Samuel Chase, and it was unsuccessful.

Another idea is more ridiculous and calls for legislation to pack the Court.  The last time this was tried was in 1936, as FDR was rebuked by his own party.  This would lead only to more packing in future years.  It clearly indicates the lack of civics education and understanding of the Constitution. 

The Court is to interpret the law, not make it.  The judges are not supposed to bend to political whim.  Lifetime appointment removes the person from political pressures.  This also means that lousy judges are hard to remove.  The swings of political trends are minimized. 

So how does this process proceed?  Democrats claim that Kavanaugh lied under oath about his behavior during his youth.  This would form the basis of the impeachment attempt.  Of course, he could be telling the truth about his yearbook in his testimony.  As we now know, Prof. Ford's allegations are more suspect.  One's prejudices are at the heart of whom to believe.

Unfortunately, the left is wasting much effort.  Brett Kavanaugh's record is similar to that of Merrick Garland, who was nominated by President Obama.  He is slightly to the right and is likely to rule in ways that are more conservative than Garland, but they are both mainstream judges.  The left tried to ruin Kavanaugh, but they failed to understand his personality and that Trump would back him.  Now their scheme has been revealed.  Yet they know no shame, as Senators Feinstein and Booker (among others) keep making extreme statements.

This fight by the left is about abortion.  It is also about destroying Trump and his agenda.  Trump keeps winning.  This is one of the best weeks in his presidency.  Even Brett Stephens, a NeverTrump at the New York Times, has realized that he is thankful that the president is one of a few who would stand by Kavanaugh. 

Sometimes the extremists go too far.  Then the "deplorables" react to the threats and push back against the hate and vitriol.  Now the polls will increasingly reflect this new respect for Trump, as the Rasmussen Reports show him at 51% approval.  The Democrats have galvanized the Republicans for the midterms.  Thank you.