Hate? I want none of it

Anyone else simply tired of hearing all the drummed up anger and hate?

The lies about now-justice Kavanaugh were to me disgusting, but the stories had to be aired, the questions resolved, so a just decision could be made.

But now?  Both left and right seem to want to keep this hate-fest going.  With such can come only division.

Twitter video screen grab.

Maybe doing that, today, is the norm for the Democratic Party.  The Democrats, as a political party, no longer seem to have either ideals or an agenda for building up our nation – only for tearing it down.  But conservatives say they favor the ideals expressed in the Pledge of Allegiance" – words that speak of "one nation, under God, indivisible."

We cannot again be "one nation" if we keep seeing only the bad in one another and harping on our differences.

We cannot hope to be "indivisible" unless we, ourselves, stop creating divisions, but instead look to put balm on the wounds that past division and hate-mongering have created.

No, this does not mean ignoring the differences that exist between us (some of which remain very important to resolve).  But it does mean being willing to see the good to be found even among those with whom we in some areas differ.  And it does mean lowering our voices – and sometimes even covering over our own disappointment and pain.

For me, this means turning off the hate switch – and turning off supposed "news" sources that do little to inform and much to stir up anger.

This, sadly, includes Fox News – a source that at one time I appreciated for its willingness to cover stories that most of the media ignored but today does as much as any to keep the hate going and noise level rising.  This, I assume, is to gather viewers and readers.

I will have none of it.

My neighbors who vote for Democrats are not my enemies.

Shallow-thinking "entertainers" are not the voice of the people, no matter which party they support.

Spouting hate – or quoting those who do for the purpose of headlines and sensationalism – is not to me proof of love of our nation.  No, quite the opposite.

We can fight for principles and speak unpopular truths without trying to cause division.

Making America great again must include binding our nation's wounds and helping us to be again "united."  Not just fifty united states, but as important, a united people.

Hate?  I want none of it.