Leftist demonic rage on display

Since the election of 2016, when Donald Trump defeated Hillary Clinton, the left has been in a frenzy.  From the moment that Trump won, liberals sought to overturn the election and invalidate his presidency.  Now, as midterms approach, there's serious talk on the left about the possibility of impeaching the president simply because leftists don't like him.  Rush Limbaugh stated that the left would never accept Trump, nor will leftists calm down and try to work with him.  As we've seen and heard this past week with the confirmation of Brett Kavanaugh, Rush was right once again.

After the election, many of the liberals' public tantrums were amusing pieces of performance art, from rage-induced screaming on the sidewalk the moment Trump was sworn in (my personal favorite):

YouTube screen grab.

...to huge mobs of angry feminists in several major cities who donned pink knit hats to protest Trump and support "women's health and safety," as if he were a threat to both.  It was generally harmless venting and loud shouting of tiresome rhetoric, but the anger and venom have increased to the point that I fear that violent, physical assaults and riots are the next step.

In the past two weeks, Judge Kavanaugh's confirmation hearings were ground zero for liberal rage, and the ensuing evidence-free accusations of a 36-year-old sexual assault became a national topic of conversation.  It became clear to everyone watching that this spectacle was in response to the left's realization that its most precious and reliable law-creating tool, the Supreme Court, was in jeopardy of changing.  Liberals mobilized their foot soldiers and dispersed their message with assistance from the corrupt and complicit news media, which then morphed into the all-out political media circus of the year...so far.

TV-viewers observed unhinged screaming from a woman escorted by the co-executive director of the far-left, George Soros-funded "Center for Popular Democracy" as she confronted Senator Jeff Flake in an elevator.  They heard equally deranged shouting in the halls of the Senate Friday outside Senator Susan Collins's office.  Obviously, the protesters are more enraged now than after the 2016 election.  Their world has been threatened, and they proved that they won't go quietly, nor will any defeat be unchallenged.

In Frank Peretti's Christian fiction thriller This Present Darkness, a band of demons invade a small town and set about to drive out Christianity and replace it with new-age spirituality.  A group of people confront the demons and, of course, the demons don't back down; rather, they increase their attacks until it's an all-out spiritual war.  Although the account is fictional, Peretti described what the secular left does every time its missions meet with resistance; leftists' anger escalates, and they intensify their efforts, with increased outrage and threats of violence.  What we're now witnessing from the angry leftist mobs is more than impotent angst.  Property damage has followed some of their protests ("Take that, empty Starbucks store and newspaper boxes!"), and I believe that the next level of vitriol will be followed with outright physical violence against people.  For the sake of our society, I am afraid.

These angry subversives are hell-bent on accomplishing their mission, and the law-abiding people who hold other ideological views are merely obstacles they seek to eradicate.  Yes, there are good and decent liberals who are upstanding citizens, who love this country, work within the law, attend church or temple, and strive to improve their community through peaceful means, but the liberals we see and hear screaming and destroying buildings and possessions are embittered anarchists who've essentially taken over the Democratic Party.

Our Constitution means nothing to the hard-left protesters.  Sure, they're quick to point out their civil rights of freedom of speech and freedom of assembly, but their tactics are anything but civil, and they cherish excerpts of the Constitution only when they agree with it or when they can pervert the interpretation of it with their ideology.

My advice for everyone who is appalled by this increasingly violent mob is to be vigilant, be careful, be prayerful, and realize that "we wrestle not against flesh and blood, but against principalities, against powers, against the rulers of the darkness of this world, against spiritual wickedness in high places" (Ephesians 6:12).

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