The CNN headline I never thought I’d see

A friend writes: 

Here’s a CNN headline and news story I never thought I’d see:

President Donald Trump’s Winning Streak

(CNN)—Donald Trump may have never had a better time being President.

Only a re-election party on the night of November 3, 2020, could possibly offer the same vindication for America’s most unconventional commander in chief as the 36 hours in which two foundational strands of his political career are combining in a sudden burst of history. . .

There is more evidence than the soon-to-be reshaped Supreme Court and the roaring economy to make a case that Trump is building a substantial presidency that in many ways looks like a historic pivot point, despite its extremely controversial nature.

Largely unnoticed in the Washington imbroglio over sexual assault allegations against Kavanaugh, the Trump administration is engineering significant changes at home and abroad that often represent sharp revisions of direction from traditional American positions. . .

[I]t’s also no longer possible to credibly argue — despite the distracting blizzard of controversy, busted decorum and staff chaos constantly lashing Washington — that there is not something significant taking place that is changing the political and economic character of the nation itself.

Trump said we’d get tired of all the winning, but I’m not tired yet.

It's not exactly signs and wonders territory, but the Age of Trump is normalizing some phenomena we didn't think we would ever see.

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