Kavanaugh confirmation protests: The totalitarian left unmasks itself

Thomas Sowell taught us:

"Activism is a way for useless people to feel important, even if the consequences of their activism are counterproductive for those they claim to be helping and damaging to the fabric of society as a whole."  

Truer words were never spoken as we have seen these past weeks.  The insanity, the incivility demonstrated by all those hired thugs to heckle and badger any and all supporters of Judge Kavanaugh is a glimpse into the collective mind of the left.   Only Joe Manchin of WV had the grit to defy the orders of Schumer and Feinstein, and the rest of the miserable totalitarian left.  Their behavior over the Kavanaugh nomination has been way beyond uncivil; it has been diabolical.  Their lack of respect for a man clearly deserving of respect for a life well-lived over the past thirty years was abhorrent.  

Protesters besieging the doors of the Supreme Court building yesterday as Kavanaugh was being sworn-in by Chief Justice Roberts (CNN screen grab)

But while none but Manchin broke from his party, it is likely that millions of "normals," as Kurt Schilchter calls regular Americans who do not follow every major and minor political event no matter their party affiliation, were equally as horrified by what the Democrats on the Judiciary Committee did to the Judge and his family.  It was a full-scale character assassination.  And for what?  To keep the Anthony Kennedy seat on the court vacant in hopes of re-taking the House next month.  For that they lunged full force into the sadistic murder of a good man's reputation.  It should be clear to all by now that Professor Ford was the  "front man" for a team of Clinton-affiliated schemers.

But it is not simply the self-gratification of emotionally disturbed individuals at work.  Those of us who follow these processes closely know those crazy, shrieking lunatics, like those who disrupted the vote in the gallery on Saturday,  are recruited and paid by the plethora of left-wing organizations funded by George Soros, the man who uses his vast wealth to bring down nations.  We learned today that he even funded Fusion GPS, the group that created the phony dossier meant to take Trump out before the election.  He spreads his money far and wide; from presidential campaigns to state AG  races.  The man is a blight upon any western country.  But all his efforts, all that money spent,  along with the like-minded  dirty tricks of the American left failed.  Why?  Because the American people are not remotely as stupid as this arrogant bunch of  pseudo-intellectual snobs thinks they are.

During the heady days of the anti-war protests of the 1960s, stoned, grubby,  anti-war protesters, those proponents of  "free love" that the sexual revolution birthed thanks to the birth control pill,  all thought they were the bees’ knees, hot stuff.  They thought they were changing the world.  They took over the offices of university deans, rioted in the streets, promoted sex, drugs and promiscuity.  Like the jerks who have been protesting the confirmation of Judge Kavanaugh these past two weeks, they thought they were "making a difference."  By the late 1960s though,  the American people were sick and tired of their disgusting antics.  Their response was to elect Richard Nixon, who did set about ending the war, albeit leaving the South Vietnamese people to the predations of the Communist North. 

Today the protesters are of a different breed. Not only are they are paid by Soros and his fellow rich goons like Tom Steyer,  they just answer ads, they are given printed signs, t-shirts and scripts and told where to go, and at whom to shout their smears and threats.  The bulk of protesters of the 1960s were mostly college-age men who did not want to be drafted.  Once the draft ended, so did the riots and marches.  Those young people cared not a whit for the Vietnamese people.  

Today's hired thugs, most of them,  have no clue what they protesting.  They are ignorant of the issues at hand.  Put a mic in front of them and ask a question about why they are there or what the sign they are carrying means, they likely will have nothing  to say.  They show up because they are paid to show up.  This is a tactic invented and implemented by the Clintons but perfected during the Obama years.  Robert Creamer, husband of Illinois congresswoman Jan Schakowsky, was the Clinton campaign's go-to thug, the man who hired protesters, dressed them in pro-Trump t-shirts and instructed them to beat up Clinton supporters.  

That is how the left operates, down and dirty, and they encourage violence.  It is how they operated then and how they operate now.  The only difference is the infusion of vast amounts of dark money from men like Soros and Tom Steyer.   They've been told that a Justice Kavanaugh will by himself overturn Roe V. Wade so he must not be confirmed.  They do no research of their own.  They just cash the checks they get for showing up and screaming at one congressperson or another.  

The American people got  sick of this behavior in the 1960s and they are most likely sick to death of it now.  It is perhaps a case of divine intervention that Judge Kavanaugh is now Justice Kavanaugh.  The vicious, moonbat  left has lost this battle.  Now decent Americans must win the war:  Republicans need to vote in massive numbers on November 6.   This is vital.  The radical left must be stopped from taking the United States further down the road to a socialist tyranny where "due process" and "innocent until proven guilty", both tenets of western civilization for well over a thousand years,  are things of our constitutional  past.

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