Post-Kavanaugh, leave the door open to reasonable Democrats

The battle over Brett Kavanaugh's confirmation was a hard pitched fight, with just about everyone in America picking one side or the other.  As Susan Collins offered a compelling case in support of her vote for Judge Kavanaugh, and with Joe Manchin providing a verbal yes vote, it appears that Judge Kavanaugh will be confirmed before the week is out.

For two weeks, there was seemingly no middle ground.  There was no compromise to be had.  Either Christine Blasey Ford was telling the truth or Brett Kavanaugh was.  As the Senate Judiciary Committee referred the allegations to the White House to request a seventh FBI investigation, time began to work hard against Blasey Ford's story, which began to unravel.  With no corroborating evidence, and the four people who Blasey Ford insisted could validate her claim having submitted affidavits under penalty of perjury that the incident did not take place, the burden of proof was ill borne.

While the confirmation appears at hand, what about our relationships?  Will it be possible to mend the fence with those who so vehemently defended Christine Blasey Ford?  Yes and no.

We should view Blasey Ford's proponents as members within two distinct camps: hardcore leftists and reasoned, ill informed Democrats.  We should (and must) continue to oppose the radical left at every turn.  These leftists are a stain on our Republic and seek no less than our destruction.  We should not just be satisfied that we've helped to exonerate an innocent man, but should capitalize on this attack to destroy Kavanaugh's attackers.  We should open investigations into their colluding to destroy an innocent man and continue to work feverishly to expose their despicable acts to the general public.

At the same time, there are many in the Democrat camp who are or were unaware of the despicable nature of the radical wing of their once venerable party.  These "reasoned" Democrats need to be provided an open door to abandon the now Democrat-Socialist Party and join with other Americans in forging ahead to help advance, as Susan Collins stated, "a more perfect Union."

America is great because our people our great.  Let's welcome any reasoned Democrat, who may have stood against us, who now sees the demonic nature of his party leadership, into our tent.  Together, we can oppose the radical left and work towards Making America Great Again.

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