Why do liberal tears taste so good?

We are all taught at an early age not to rejoice in the unhappiness of others.  Yet, watching the leftist mob and liberal press scream at the inevitable confirmation of Brett Kavanaugh to the Supreme Court, decent, law-abiding Americans can't help but feel joy in their hearts.

Why is this so?  I can think of a number of reasons:

1. The demise of mob rule.  Far-left activists believed they could overturn the Senate's confirmation process by harassing senators.  At first, it seemed to work with the aptly named Jeff Flake.  But Republican senators quickly stiffened their spines and were unmoved.

2. Guilty before proven innocent has been rejected.  The narrative that a Supreme Court nomination is a "job interview" and not a trial and therefore standards of innocence and guilt do not apply was refuted by none other than Susan Collins, who reinforced the commonsense wisdom that of course people should be considered innocent before being found guilty, whatever the situation.  The fact that this nugget of common sense came from Collins, a liberal female Republican, made it all the more powerful and harder for the liberal media to refuse.

3. The newest virtue class, alleged victims of sexual assault, were found not to be invincible.  President Trump was severely criticized by the establishment media for pointing out that Dr. Ford's account of her alleged sexual assault was full of gaps and thus not so believable.  Yet, after he did this, the dam seemed to break, and other Republicans found the courage to resist people who claimed to be "sexual assault survivors."  Check out this video of Orrin Hatch merely waving to a far-left activist.  Listen to the outrage in her voice as she screams, "How dare you?," as if she is stunned that anyone would dare make an ambiguous hand gesture to someone as virtuous as herself.

Or check out the expression on this woman's face when Lindsey Graham refuses to be intimidated by her victim group credentials.  The hard left is panicking because more and more people are feeling free to ignore screaming activists.

4. Even liberal Republicans are turning against the leftist narrative.  Perhaps most surprising is that the strongest voices against the new victim class are moderate and even liberal Republicans like Lindsey Graham and Susan Collins.  When the hard left has gone so far that it has even alienated liberal Republicans, you know that leftists have overplayed their hand.

5. The results of the election have not been overturned.  President Trump won the election and the right to name Supreme Court justices.  Leftists, not interested in elections, only results, tried to stymie his ability to name justices, in effect overturning the election.  They failed.

6. President Trump's Supreme Court legacy is now equal to Obama's.  Now the president has made two Supreme Court picks in two years, as many as Obama did in eight.

7. The liberal media narrative is unmade.  The liberal media narrative is that you are a sexist if you challenge the accounts of any of these self-proclaimed "survivors," egged on by radicals like Mazie Hirono, who asserted that men should "shut up" and accusers should always be believed.  Susan Collins stabbed that narrative in the heart with a giant stake when she talked about the importance of innocence before guilt.  She's just as responsible as President Trump for making it possible to challenge uncorroborated accounts of "survivors" and will make it more difficult for Democrats to use them as weapons in the future.

8. This debacle could cost the Democrats three Senate seats.  The media narrative is that this whole confirmation process will alienate women against Republicans.  But curiously, women in red states seem to be suffering a different kind of alienation, an alienation from those who tried to trash Judge Kavanaugh's life record with uncorroborated accusations.  This could cost Claire McCaskill of Missouri, Joe Donnelly of Indiana, and Jon Tester of Montana their Senate seats.  It has probably already cost Heidi Heitkamp of North Dakota her own.

9. This searing experience may prevent Kavanaugh from going left over time.  Republican appointees sometimes drift left over time to seek the approval of the liberal media, like David Souter and more recently John Roberts.  But Clarence Thomas, after the searing events of his own confirmation, never did.  I suspect that this experience may harden Judge Kavanuagh's attitude.  He knows full well that the left tried to destroy him, and I suspect that it may make him less sympathetic to their pleas for "social justice" when he joins the Court.

So there are plenty of reasons to be happy with the left's unhappiness.  The tyrants, bullies, and would-be masterminds have failed once again.

Ed Straker is the senior editor of Newsmachete.com.

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