What should we make of Kavanaugh's 'privilege'?

The left has ripped Brett Kavanaugh to shreds for, among other reasons, his privileged background.  You know, a moneyed home, private schools, nice this and elegant that.  How nice.  How unfair that I, growing up without such privilege in the heartland, did not have any of the advantages Kavanaugh had.

I'm not in the least bitter.  Until this SCOTUS nomination came up, I'd never even heard of the man.  Now that I've heard of him, all that I have heard (all that can be proven) earns my respect.  He's polite, is innocent of condescension, has a sense of humor, seems real smart, and appears to know the things he should know to be a Supreme Court justice.

However privileged Kavanaugh grew up, it had no adverse effect at all on me.  I'm almost 70 years old, came up from the fabled underprivileged background, and have had an interesting, fun ride.  I've enjoyed what I've done, earned respect where it mattered to me, and got the things I most wanted.

This is true of most Americans, hugely the overwhelming majority, regardless of color or sex.  Few if any have had it so hard that they never had a real shot at a decent, enjoyable life.

Considering the ruckus over Kavanaugh, I got to thinking: will this guy make a difference in America for better or for worse?  It's pretty simple, really.  An America with Kavanaugh on the bench is the America that made possible my fun ride.  Justices of the kind favored by the left – Sotomayor, Kagan – do not.

And all of Kavanaugh's privilege was no help against the hyenas.

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