Pelosi unveils just how bad a Democratic House would look

Like a witch lifting the lid from the pot of her bubbling brew, House minority leader Nancy Pelosi has unveiled her picture of what her Congress would look like if the Democrats retake the House in November.

Axios has the chart in this tweet here.  The larger chart, complete with green faces for the Latinos, purple faces for the blacks, and orange faces for the Asians, is here:

Comically, Axios makes the claim that the racial diversity of the group is the story, as if no one might ever notice the lockstep left-wing monolithic extremism of every last one of these probable nominees.  And even more comically, Axios writes that the diversity of skin color translates into diversity of thinking.

Apparently, they don't know these guys.

Fact is, this is a real menagerie of the worst elements of left-wingery, people famous for their lockstep adherence to Pelosi's flying monkey commands, and famous only for the diversity of their idiocies.  These are people famous for making stupid and malevolent statements such as Maxine Waters, dolts who make specious, fact-free arguments such as Adam Schiff, lunatic machine pols such as Jerry Nadler, Benghazi liars such as Elijah Cummings, FARC terrorist-coddlers such as Jim McGovern, open borders advocates such as Raul Grijalva, and just garden variety left-wing irritants such as Nita Lowey, Carolyn Maloney, and Nydia Velasquez.  The rest are almost all just as awful.  Only Eliot Engel stands out as a non-extremist.  The rest are really out there.

What we see here is Pelosi picking out old-line dinosaurs just like herself, people we have heard about for years and know very well, with claims to "diversity" being her smokescreen for concealing the lack of diversity of thought or ideas in this bunch.  Every last one of these people is a crummy little pawn for the Pelosi agenda who will vote in lockstep to it, and no newcomers, such as Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez, are going to be allowed in.  (Not that she'd be an improvement, but she'd be a new face.)

This is not a group that will work well with Republicans, either – their long records already tell that.

It's just the recrudescence of the same-old, same-old, repackaged as "diversity" to draw attention from the real lack of diversity of faces and ideas.

If these Pelosi names and faces back in the news don't scare the public to vote Republican in November, one can only fear for the republic.

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