Brooke Baldwin provides aid and comfort to thugs

In America the mask is an indication of wicked intentions.  Only when the mob gains total control will disguise be discarded; rationally unnecessary as brutality becomes normalized and regulated.

CNN's Brooke Baldwin supplies masks for mobs by declining to call a mob a mob and by banning the word "mob" from her program.  In her words mobs, are not mobs; they are Republican talking points.  By this logic, an objective statement would read thus: "A Republican talking points chased down a 74-year-old man and bashed his car."

Awkward construction, and as a nonconformist I decline to follow Baldwin's self-indulgent and self-protective rules.  A mob is a mob, and anyone policing the words of others is trying to cover up an uncomfortable reality.  I will not allow Brooke Baldwin to place a mask upon my words.

In a later interview, Baldwin said, "Listen, I don't want to be the word police and that was not my intention..." 

A mob of Democrats is still a mob, and a Democrat's lie is still a lie.  Baldwin did police and ban the word "mob" from her program, and that was clearly her intention.

 Baldwin also said that if she had "irked the left and the right, then I've done my job."  I doubt that irking anybody is part of her job description, so let's call that another lie.  Let's blend in the fact that censorship by anyone is alarming and should not be demoted to mere irksomeness; that sounds like a Democratic Party talking point.

Someone pointed out that this video should go viral.  Perhaps, but certainly it should be briefly parsed to feel its full effect.

The first words yelled are "shut the f‑‑‑ up," an example of Democratic mob eloquence and an indication that our future will not be kind to children's, or anyone's, ears.  Or kind to anyone at all.

At 0:05, we see the first mask.  Having received encouragement from Democratic leaders such as Bernie Sanders, Hillary Clinton, and Maxine Waters, some of these exhibitionists leave the façade at home, hoping to be noticed and perhaps given positions of prominence when the New Order arrives.  There are plenty of masks as the video continues.

First there is a woman, who obviously directs none of her resistance to heaping plates of food, regulating traffic.  There is also a white male mobster wearing camouflage shorts; this loudmouth churl represents the physical danger lurking behind Democratic mob bullying.  Let's call him Fancy Pants.

The eater looks bored, as if this is all in a day's work, when she tells a man in a blue car, "Just go that way."  The man asks, "Why?"  She replies, "Because I told you to."

This is how you will be treated if the Democrats gain even a little more power on November 6 than they have today.

Fancy Pants is particularly verbose this morning: "Ya, brother, ya, you little white little f‑‑‑‑‑, ya, you're a f‑‑‑‑‑ whitey here, aren't ya, a First Amendment, get down the road.  Just please turn right, for Chrissake."  Then "Oh, you're from South Carolina, you are a little whitey supremacist."

Another of Mayor Wheeler's unofficial Democratic Party stormtroopers leans into the passenger side of blue car and shouts, "Ask me if I give a f‑‑‑, I was talking to him, not you, thank you very much."

Please and thank you – they are a polite little Democratic mob, aren't they?

Later they chase a car down the street and smash one of its windows.

So what do you call this, Brooke?  Is this a Republican talking point we are witnessing?

These mobsters are enjoying the power party of their lives.  They are rapturous at this Mayor Wheeler-approved moment, and it sickens me.

I shouldn't mention this, but it is unbearably obvious that these Democratic mobsters would herd little white little f‑‑‑‑‑‑ into boxcars as easily as they order these innocent American citizens onto that street.

So Brooke may not want to see, hear, or speak of the growing horror developing right before our eyes, but I do.

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