Kavanaugh, Trump, taxes...so what actually is appalling and soulless?

This morning, there are two main stories on the news being repeated over and over again.  They are using both to trash Trump. The first is that Trump called out Christine Ford for several of the holes in her story about Supreme Court nominee Brett Kavanaugh.  CBS said Ford's leftist attorney said the attack was "soulless." Here is how The Hill reported it: "Trump mocks Christine Blasey Ford testimony at Mississippi rally." Here is how the Sacramento Bee reported it: "The Latest: Attorney blasts Trump for mocking Ford at rally."  "Attorney Michael Bromwich tweets that Trump engaged in a 'vicious, vile and soulless attack' on Ford." What is actually soulless are leftist attorneys, journalists, and others seeking to destroy a man with a blameless record through unverified stories because they want power and control of the courts.  Then there was this from CNN: "Flake...(Read Full Post)
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