Kavanaugh, Trump, taxes...so what actually is appalling and soulless?

This morning, there are two main stories on the news being repeated over and over again.  They are using both to trash Trump.

The first is that Trump called out Christine Ford for several of the holes in her story about Supreme Court nominee Brett Kavanaugh.  CBS said Ford's leftist attorney said the attack was "soulless."

Here is how The Hill reported it: "Trump mocks Christine Blasey Ford testimony at Mississippi rally."

Here is how the Sacramento Bee reported it: "The Latest: Attorney blasts Trump for mocking Ford at rally."  "Attorney Michael Bromwich tweets that Trump engaged in a 'vicious, vile and soulless attack' on Ford."

What is actually soulless are leftist attorneys, journalists, and others seeking to destroy a man with a blameless record through unverified stories because they want power and control of the courts. 

Then there was this from CNN: "Flake calls Trump's comments on Ford 'appalling.'"

Wobby GOP senator Jeff Flake (as he continues to audition for jobs at left-wing networks) said President Trump's comments were appalling.

What is actually appalling is that the journalists, Democrats, Flake, and other people against Trump have touted a story as true when there are no witnesses or evidence that it is true.  Good journalists and senators should have recognized all the holes in the story and buried it instead of running it as if it were true, all to take out Kavanaugh.  They could have at least grilled Kavanaugh accuser Christine Blasey Ford at the hearing instead of just repeating over and over again how credible she sounded.  A lot of people who make up stuff sound credible.  Didn't Bill Clinton sound credible when he said he never had sex with Monica?

The second story is from the New York Times suggesting that Trump and his father used dubious tax schemes to transfer huge amounts of money (they said more than $400 million in today's dollars) to Donald Trump.  Here is what the Times wrote: "Trump Engaged in Suspect Tax Schemes as He Reaped Riches From His Father."

Do journalists realize that properties go both up and down in value, and many people lose money that they inherit?  I am always amazed at the greed and envy of journalists and others who somehow believe that the government is entitled to money people earn instead of family members.

What was the motive of the person providing the documents and the people who supposedly analyzed the documents?  Do journalists at the N.Y. Times or the people analyzing these documents actually have the ability to determine fair value of the assets transferred to determine that they weren't correct from decades ago?  My guess is that there were appraisals to justify the values. 

Did the journalists analyze the tax code before they described the tactics as dubious, or is that just their opinion?  There are many things in the tax code that are legal that journalists and others may believe are dubious, but that does not make people using them guilty of anything.  If journalists don't like the tax code, they should lobby politicians to change it instead of implying that people using the code to their benefit are guilty. 

It appears that the media and Democrats have come to the conclusion that they have nothing on Kavanaugh, so they need another hit piece to go after Trump, because they certainly don't have policies they can sell to the public, and Trump's record of achievement his first two years is outstanding. 

I'll give you a couple of things that are soulless and appalling:

When the Democratic National Committee and Hillary Clinton pay more than $10 million to create a fake dossier to take out Trump.  Then the Obama administration, the Justice Department, intelligence agencies, Democrats, and the media themselves collude to use this document to create the illusion of Russian collusion with Trump.  They continue to pretend the story is true today.  They even used the fake document as an excuse to spy and then have used an investigation into the fake collusion to destroy people who knew Trump.

Continually printing unverified and anonymous stories and pretending they are absolutely true.  The reason journalists do this has nothing to do with reporting the truth (which is their job) and 100% with taking out Republicans and Trump to give Democrats and their agenda power. 

Destroying people's lives has no meaning to the journalists or their Democrats.  Power is all that is important.  That is not only appalling and soulless, but despicable.

Image credit: Richard Summers/Banalities via FlickrCC BY-SA 2.0.

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