How to reclaim strategy and tactics in the big leagues

Baseball is in the doldrums, and the powers that be have no real clue why.  Thinking the game slow, they came up with the wave-him-to-first walk.  They limit the number of visits to the mound and time the visits.  Batboys are required to have two bats ready for every hitter in case one breaks his bat on a foul ball. Thinking the game boring, they sought to induce excitement with more scoring.  This particular part of the war on boring goes back 50 years, to the unbelievable 1968 season, when Bob Gibson's ERA was 1.12 and Denny McClain won 31 games.  The mound came down.  Fences came in.  Bat handles got skinnier.  Designated hitters came into being, at least in the American League. For a while, things seemed better.  For a couple of decades, players improved themselves by hard work in the gym, making themselves more fit, hence better athletes, hence better baseball...(Read Full Post)
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