Abortion drives the extreme behavior of the Democratic Party

To quote my favorite negotiator, Don Corleone (The Godfather), "how did things ever get so far?"  I suggest that things are out of whack because of abortion.  The Supreme Court will really step out of bounds at least once every hundred years or so.  In the 1850s, it was Dred Scott, which upset the fragile truce between the slave and free states and was a major factor leading to our Civil War.  Does anyone want to go that route again?

In 1973, the Supreme Court conjured up Roe v. Wade, which, by usurping the role of the legislative branch of government, has led to the deaths of 60-plus million children.  Undercutting the role of the states as laboratories of public opinion and morality, the court froze in time an abortion regime that has become more abhorrent as science has given us the tools to see very clearly the progress of the child in the womb, and marginalized the proper role of state government.  How many women, when pregnant with a "wanted" child, have been stricken with anguish over their "personal" choice?  One can only wonder at what the collective guilt and anguish are doing to our country.  It has certainly skewed the morality of our people in ways too numerous to recount.

I suggest that the Democratic Party, which fancies itself the home of oppressed groups such as women, is obsessed with abortion precisely for the reason that collectively, its members cannot bring themselves to admit their guilt and work to restrict and eliminate this scourge.  Like a three-year-old caught in a lie, abortion-supporters will become more shrill and strident, much as the South did prior to the Civil War over the issue of slavery.  The Civil War came about because the free states had finally had enough of accommodating the behavior of the slaveholders, in the hope that they would see the error of their ways.  Active pushback against the concept of slavery struck at the core of the slaveholding states, resulting in an impasse that could be broken only by war. 

Will we end up going down this path again?  Let us pray the leaders of the Democratic Party will see the light and will recognize the evil of abortion and work to eliminate it and to support the lives of the resulting children and participate in the resulting blessing of their lives as citizens of our great country.

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