Hillary teases Dems: 'I'd like to be president'

Hillary Clinton just can't help herself.  The lust for the presidency that has animated her adult life was not extinguished by her loss to a man nobody she considers a friend predicted had even a minimal chance of defeating her.  So when she was asked during an onstage "conversation" – the no-effort means of putting on a show for the rubes – if she would run again, she seemed to resort to the truth as she prattled on. Emily Birnbaum of The Hill summarizes (video below): "Do you want to run again?" Recode’s Kara Swisher asked during a Friday night Q&A with Clinton. "No," Clinton replied quickly, sparking laughter from the audience.  But when Swisher pressed her further, she added: "I’d like to be president." Clinton went on to say that "there’s going to be so much work to be done" after a Democrat "hopefully" wins the next...(Read Full Post)
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