Guess who's speaking out against caravan border-jumpers

Latinos and Hispanics legally here in the U.S. are speaking out against the caravan heading north from Honduras to the U.S. That was the report from Univision, which is hardly a conservative news site. According to the Daily Caller, they're saying things like this: "How is it possible that a caravan from Central America is on it's [sic] way to the U.S. and the people are speaking the way they're speaking, demanding to get in[?]  No sir, this isn't their country and they need to respect it," one man said. Another woman told Megid, "[L]ike the president says, they can come here, but they need to come here legally like the rest of us." Megid also spoke with a Honduran woman who says she came to the U.S. in the last caravan from Central America.  "It's not right that so many people are heading to the U.S. in this Honduran caravan," she said. It squares with what a lot of Latinos and Hispanics...(Read Full Post)
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