Everybody's talking about Texas these days

Let's say this for Beto: we have not seen so much focus on Texas since Miss Wendy Davis was the 2014 Democratic nominee for governor.  (As you may remember, she lost to current governor Greg Abbott by 20 points despite getting lots of dollars from every left-wing corner in the U.S.)

The latest is that President Trump will be in Houston for a big rally for Senator Ted Cruz.  According to news reports, 70,000 people signed up to attend.  Where is the Astrodome when we really need it?

The other bit of news is that the Democrats are allegedly looking for votes in all the wrong places, such as encouraging illegals to register and vote.  On this story, I've heard anecdotal evidence of Democrats using churches to sign up illegals.  In other words, this is more than a partisan shot at Beto O'Rourke.  I believe it's true.

Then there is Beto's campaign driving everybody crazy with too much texting.  There is a lawsuit from angry Texans sick and tired being reminded about early voting for Beto, starting October 21.  Frankly, I have not received such a text, but I keep getting these calls to my landline that are not recorded political messages.  It's blank when I answer the phone.  I try to call back and get a busy signal or nothing at all.  Maybe the Beto people have too much money and keep looking for creative ways of spending it.

And then we hear of burnout or just too much Beto on TV.  Beto has turned into one of those Top 40 hits that AM stations would play every 15 minutes.  Beto is like "Maggie Mae" or "Stayin' Alive" if you're old enough to remember the 1970s. Beto's "here, there, and everywhere," with all due respect to The Beatles.  Maybe some local D.J. will schedule a "Beto night" and burn all of those yard signs at halftime between the Cowboys vs. Texans game.

It will be nice on Wednesday after the election.  We can go back to being a red state again.

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