Ellison thought Farrakhan had 'some things to offer'

The Democratic Party's Number Two, Keith Ellison, has been trying to explain himself lately. According to the Washington Examiner: Rep. Keith Ellison insisted on Sunday he has been denouncing Nation of Islam leader Louis Farrakhan since the early-1990s, even though he met with Farrakhan a few times over the last few years, including privately in 2016. Ellison, the No. 2 man at the Democratic National Committee, said he was drawn to Farrakhan in the early 1990s because he was speaking about civil rights.  "At that time he had some things, I thought, he had some things to offer," Ellison, D-Minn., said in a debate with Doug Wardlow, who is also running to be Minnesota's next attorney general. The more he speaks, the less credible he looks.  Ellison really thought Farrakhan had "some things to offer"? Hey, we did, too.  At the time Farrakhan was enticing Ellison, we could obviously see what he was offering:...(Read Full Post)
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