Caravan migrant army attacks Mexican cops, provisions itself robbing Mexican markets

To hear the left tell it, the vast Honduran migrant caravan, as many as 10,000 strong now, crawling up to the U.S. border to illegally enter the U.S. couldn't possibly have criminals in its ranks. 

Get a load of this exchange between President Trump and a mainstream media minion, as reported by the Daily Mail:

At one point during the briefing, Emily Cochrane, a reporter for The New York Times, asked Trump: 'What evidence do you have that these are hardened criminals that are coming to the United States?'

Trump appeared agitated.

'Oh please.  Please, don't be a baby, OK,' the president said.  'Take a look, just take a look, look at what's happening, look at the Mexican soldiers that are laying on the ground.

'Take a look. These are hardened – I didn't say in all cases but in many cases these are hardened criminals.

'These are tough, tough people.

'And I don't want them in our country and neither does our country want them in our country.'

Maybe it was a sincere, if naïve, question.  But Trump doesn't have to really prove anything, given that the migrants seem to be hell-bent on breaking immigration law even if they really are just the sweet little daisies portrayed by the press.  However, on Twitter, the evidence is mounting that Trump is right: we are already seeing evidence that the marching group is acting like an invading army, with crimes such as assault and robbery as the horde snakes through Mexico northward.

For starters, the migrants threw rocks and beat up Mexican cops as they busted their way through the country's southern border.  Here's an irate Twitter user's tweet with a photo:

Now we have reports of robbery of Mexican shops, along with a video, posted for all to see by other tweeters.  The report looks fairly credible:

The reality is, people who leave their homes often have good reasons for leaving, and those reasons are not always pretty ones.  Crooks often are the first people to leave home for a fresh start, and they're actually a vanguard of sorts in mass migrations.  Read anything by Eric Hoffer to understand the key role of the misfit in mass movements and migrations, and this Honduran long march looks like both.  Hoffer understood the dynamic perfectly.

But such realities do spoil the media's "narrative," which has been to focus solely on pictures of the few toddlers being subject to marching in that rabble (which looks like child abuse, the more we see of this bunch) and reporting immigration issues solely in terms of sob stories, massaged for maximum pity-party effect.  Fact is, most migrants are not the poorest of the poor as depicted, but the lower middle classes of these countries, and people with savings and cash to pay smugglers, in search of bigger benefit packages.

For real refugees, you have to look south to the horrors of Venezuela, where migrants don't march in organized groups with paychecks to boot, let alone wave the Venezuelan banner, burn the flag of the country they claim to be desperate to live in, or break down borders by beating up cops.  Some among them, for sure, are robbers, as happens in all mass migrations – the Brazil border incident revealed that for certain.  But they're also people like this, desperate to escape socialism, running to first and second countries of refuge such as Peru, and not waving or burning any flags.  Nor are they looking to vote more socialism in.

Somehow, there seem to be more criminals among the less desperate populations of military-aged young men from Honduras heading northward on the logic that they have a right to enter.

Make no mistake: if they get in, the crime that makes their countries so miserable in the first place will flow here.

Image credit: Fox News, YouTube screen shot.

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