Eavesdropping on Obama’s revolutionary guards (Organizing for Action)

There is nothing like the local coffee shop near my home to hear the unvarnished truth.  Tuesday morning, I was sitting with my morning brew reading how wonderful it was that the Dodgers got slam dunked, when a group of 12 folks, mostly in their 20’s, and the leader in her forties, orders and they sit across from me at a large table and hold their meeting. They are the true believers; door bell ringers for the Democratic candidate for the California Assembly in my district. The leader was real piece of work, white, sour faced, short hair, no makeup, black jeans and black tee, and wearing a black and white “Palestinian” keffiyeh around her neck, and carrying a notebook with the OFA (Organizing for Action) logo. Yes, Obama’s own Revolutionary Guards. Let me report just the most salient instruction that was told to these folks… lie. In a nutshell, the leader said to ask the home owners you contact what their political concerns are, then feed...(Read Full Post)
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