Democrats destroy what you stand for, what you care about

If Hillary Clinton could think, she would possibly notice the inbred self-mockery of her own deplorable statements.  You probably read her latest shot at the Republican Party; quoth the craven, "you cannot be civil with a political party that wants to destroy what you stand for, what you care about."

Fifty years ago, a Democratic president created the modern welfare state.  Lyndon B. Johnson publicly promised to end poverty and supposedly swore privately that "I'll have those n------ voting Democratic for a hundred years." 

I believe in true family values, and my Republican Party believes in true family values, but long ago the Democratic Party destroyed what we stand for, what we care about.  Democrats tested monetary alchemy on black families and tore those families to shreds.  If you teach in a school of predominantly black students, seven out of ten of those children live in fatherless homes.  Hillary, your political party maliciously destroyed the family, something our party stands for, something we care about.

Forty years ago, the democratic liberals among us decided that coed dorms were a brilliant solution to some problem that didn't exist.  Republicans believed that college studies were too important to be mixed with late teenage hormones in close proximity.  Democrats got their way, and the result has been young men denied equal protection from false rape accusation and immature girls wearing mattresses to lectures.  Republicans cared about and wanted to protect their sons and daughters from situations that could become sexually overwhelming; Republicans cared enough to desire a gradual progression into adult responsibilities and choices.  The Democrats didn't give a hoot about what we stood for, what we cared about.

Thirty years ago, the left began its children's crusade for gay rights.  Republicans instantly knew that this would lead to a demand to redefine marriage.  Republicans care deeply about the institution of marriage because marriage protects children from poverty and abuse.  Democrats moved to weaken even the word "marriage."  Republicans put up a fight and in 1996 passed the Defense of Marriage Act, but Democrats didn't yield an iota to our firmly held convictions, and in 2013, the Supreme Court, predictably, gave Democrats the watered down imitation of marriage they so desired.  I don't remember any Democrat acknowledging that Republicans were wounded on an issue so dear to their hearts.  I do remember Barack Obama flooding the White House in rainbow colors so he and the Democrats could mock the values so many Americans stand for, what so many Americans care about.

Oh, and that granddaddy of all destructions imposed upon Americans by the Democratic Party and judicial fiat: legal, safe, and rare abortions.  Over one million abortions are performed in America every year.  It varies by the odd hundred thousand or so, but what does a hundred thousand or so mean to a democratic mind unshackled to any sense of decency and disinclined to reconcile the word "rare"?  It may come as a surprise to Hillary, but even today, many Americans stand for and care about unborn infants.  Millions of Republicans do not care to participate in Hillary's village of national filicide.  One million abortions is a bloody and uncivil attack upon what Republicans stand for, what they care about.

Vote these egocentric and small-minded Democratic monsters out on November 6 – because they are so perfectly willing to destroy what you and I stand for, what you and I care about.

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