A wake-up call for the deplorables

Sometimes it's important to preach to the choir, because I'm pretty sure only the choir shares my political opinion.  It is absolutely imperative that the deplorables come out in force in a few weeks because they will be able to do the impossible.  Just imagine what will happen in the midterm elections if the most powerful Democrats are ousted from office.  In California, that means Dianne Feinstein , Nancy Pelosi, and Maxine Waters; in New York, that means Andrew Cuomo and Kirsten Gillibrand, and New York State would then have a Republican governor and senator.  Impossible, you may say, but if all who voted for Trump in 2016 came out in force and voted straight Republican, this might happen.  Unfortunately, with less than a month left, the RNC still hasn't admitted that it hasn't worked hard enough for GOP candidates in New York and California. I had to look high and low to find out who was running for governor in...(Read Full Post)
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