Violence is out of control in Brazil

Do you have any Brazilian friends? What are you talking about these days with people from that great country? My guess is that your friends are saying the same thing my friends are saying. In other words, do something about this out-of-control killing. Sixty-three thousand people killed in a nation of 200 million!  And that's the official number.  It could be a lot more, especially in the poorer areas. So crime has created a law-and-order solution with a Brazilian flavor.  Check this out: A leading candidate in Brazil's presidential election said police should be given license to kill criminals and those who do should receive medals not face prosecution. Hard-right candidate Jair Bolsonaro said in an interview Tuesday night that he would "leave good people out of range of the shooting" and go at criminals full steam. "This kind of people (criminals), you cannot treat them as if they were normal human...(Read Full Post)
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