The McCain funeral – a failed brand re-launch

When Caesar died, at least according to Shakespeare, the funeral oration by Mark Antony was about 40 minutes.  And Caesar had changed much of the world of his time. The single defining moment for many in the 1960’s generation was the assassination of John Kennedy.  His funeral was two full days, every moment both memorable and historic.  It was an event that helped an entire nation properly grieve. So when a senator dies, surrounded by his loving family, from a terrible illness, and he receives two, maybe three funerals, lasting most of a week, that is pretty much over the top.  And this one was just way over the top. Photo credit: US Deaprtment of Defense One wonders if it was meant to be more – perhaps a brand re-launch. As a brand re-launch, those around McCain seem to want to first settle scores with those not in attendance likely followed by the eternal appeal of “…what would John McCain do?”  Every time...(Read Full Post)
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