The 'lording mentality'

Action opposed to human nature by design or naïveté wanders from essential differences and natural talents among people – variations that enrich the life of the community – to a serious defect in the politics of equality.  I speak of genuine differences between people, which good leaders respect and utilize for the benefit of all, not artificial differences created by an "identity politics" that lumps people into groups for political purposes, washing out their true nature. Stuffing people into boxes like "racist," "xenophobe," "sexist," "homophobe" or whatever smear label of the day is dishonest; irresponsible; and oh, so effective!  A nation of smartphone zombies is an easy target for an Alinsky tactic like "fundamentally transforming America." Suddenly, the "majority" is in favor of legislation it opposed a while ago, believing that this is...(Read Full Post)
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