The 'lording mentality'

Action opposed to human nature by design or naïveté wanders from essential differences and natural talents among people – variations that enrich the life of the community – to a serious defect in the politics of equality.  I speak of genuine differences between people, which good leaders respect and utilize for the benefit of all, not artificial differences created by an "identity politics" that lumps people into groups for political purposes, washing out their true nature.

Stuffing people into boxes like "racist," "xenophobe," "sexist," "homophobe" or whatever smear label of the day is dishonest; irresponsible; and oh, so effective!  A nation of smartphone zombies is an easy target for an Alinsky tactic like "fundamentally transforming America."

Suddenly, the "majority" is in favor of legislation it opposed a while ago, believing that this is "democracy in action," unaware that in reality, it is an insidious form of brainwashing that turns democracy into autocracy.  Creating divisions of identity, forming political factions, and taking charge of the "chaos" is a modern form of population control by ruthless "elites" who consider themselves masters, not leaders, of society.

False differences, please notice, are what rogue rulers depend on to get away with their lording activity.  Domination by pitting Americans against themselves to create a false majority is an old tactic of political racketeers to stay in power.  But do these wiseacres not know that their mischief is ultimately subject to discovery?  If, as kids, they ever learned that honesty really is the best policy, they were too eager to forget it (as some in the "Deep State" are now learning).

In the phony world these moguls of society continue to fashion, we are supposed to believe they really do know what is best for everyone.  I find it difficult to suppress a howl of laughter.  My mind sees a cartoon showing a gang of masked bandits pointing guns at us and saying, "We're here to help you!"

Those of us awake know that these self-appointed redeemers of the world – ready to deprive us of our freedoms, identities, and property – hide behind their masks of secrecy, cowardly shunning publicity, some feigning philanthropy, their apologists rarely if ever taking the time to consult or cite authorities wiser than themselves.  It might at least help hide their de facto contempt for human beings and perhaps divert conspiracy theorists from their trail.

Lording honchos – even those imbued with the best intentions – keep ignoring an important aspect of reality: simple differences between people and among peoples are often what define life for them.  A people's language, as a basic example, is virtually as precious as its food.  To herd everyone into a "global village," dear Hillary, is to cage them, crush their will, shut out their enriching individual personalities, and blot out what truly makes them human.  "Liberals" have the gall to label such homogenizing of differences diversity."  Let's call it what it truly is: uniformity and conformity.

While the "lording mentality" may be justified in the wild, as with the pecking order in some species of animals, it is wholly out of place with human beings.  A just leader of men, women, and children respects them, all of them, not treats them as servants or slaves.

So we are supposed to believe that coercive meddling with people, forcing them to pay for complying with whatever rogue "elites" roll out – with the people's money, sweat, and blood – is the way to a better life for all.


Countervailing measures often recommended but not often enough taken are reflected in the following brief summaries of action:

Political: Before voting, seek out candidates most likely to represent the interests of "we the people," not the interests of political lobbyists, NGOs, and "progressive" corporations.  To err on the safe side, disregard the heavily biased, brainwashing mainstream media and check alternative sources of information, many now being censored by the lording honchos of society.  (Do you wonder why it is necessary for them to do this?)  How important is it to find and select candidates whose honesty cuts through political rhetoric?  Well, it is high time that officials in every branch of government obey the commandments of the Constitution, not the commandments of politics; abide by the clearly defined limitations of their power; and respect the ultimate power that resides in the people.

Educational: Learn what is going on in the school or college you send your children to.  Shout down policies that restrict freedom of speech.  Shout down instruction that instills animus toward conservatives.  Demand the teaching of history, especially the history of how and why America came into being.  Remove your children from any institution that commits such crimes against authentic education.  Maintain strict vigilance against indoctrination that masquerades as "education."

Inaction or silence on these matters is unacceptable.

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