The Future of Gun Sanctuaries

Last April, two Illinois counties, Iroquois and Effingham, kicked off the movement to create gun sanctuary counties to oppose what many residents feel are oppressive laws that curtail Second Amendment rights. Since then, more rural areas have caught onto the idea. The bold moves made national headlines and sparked a debate about the legality of these measures. As legislators continue to seek new restrictions on gun ownership, more counties are using this as measure as a symbolic check against the State. While some critics have pointed out that these ordinances lack real ‘teeth,’ they may prove to be a rallying cry for gun rights advocates in traditionally liberal states.  The resolutions are an attempt to oppose repression imposed by urban legislators, "flipping the script" by taking a stand in favor of gun rights. The resolutions were a clear response to large cities like Chicago that have declared themselves sanctuary cities that will disregard...(Read Full Post)
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