Democrats: Due process, presumption of innocence do not apply to Kavanaugh

If you do an internet search for "men released from prison for false convictions of rape," you will get many results.  There are many duplicates, but there is no question that we have wrongful convictions of men for rape and other crimes.

Some notable examples are two New York men released after 26 years in prison after the woman admitted she lied.

A Louisiana man was freed after 38 years for a false rape conviction.

The Innocence Project's website has a list of cases where convictions have been overturned.

Given this, one would think a man with a stellar record, such as Brett Kavanaugh, who gets accused in 2018 by Christine Blasey Ford, a partisan Democrat represented by a partisan Democrat attorney, of a never reported incident in 1982, would be treated fairly, with the accusation subject to close scrutiny.

Democrats used to say they cared about due process and the presumption of innocence for those accused of a crime.  But such legal niceties don't matter when the end justifies the means.  The end is maintaining abortion and preventing Brett Kavanaugh from confirmation to the Supreme Court.

Democrats did a character assassination of Judge Robert Bork, led by such moral lights as Teddy Chappaquiddick Kennedy and Joe Plagiarist Biden.  They – again, led by Kennedy and Biden – attacked Justice Clarence Thomas, who fought back and was nominated.  Now they are attempting to destroy Kavanaugh.  They want Kavanaugh to testify before Ford testifies, if she ever testifies.

Kennedy and Biden have been succeeded by Hirono, Blumenthal, Booker, Harris, and Whitehouse, all of whom may exceed Kennedy and Biden for viciousness, dishonesty, and hypocrisy.

Hirono said men have to shut up.  "Not only do women, like Dr. Ford, who bravely comes forward, need to be heard, but they need to be believed[.]"

Why do we have to believe Ford? She is not credible.  Would a D.A. tell a jury that men should shut up and that the "victim" who did not report the incident until 36 years later must be believed?

Blumenthal, who lied about serving in Vietnam, is now trumpeting the charge that Kavanaugh lied and Ford is telling the truth.

Cory Spartacus T-Bone Booker admits to groping teenage girls but explains it as part of coming-of-age psychobabble.  Nobody asked the teenage gropees if they shared Booker's psychobabble as justification for the groping.

Hirono and N.Y.'s Senator Gillibrand said that if Kavanaugh is innocent, he should ask the FBI to investigate himself.  Gillibrand said, "Judge Kavanaugh has not asked to have the FBI to review these claims.  Is that the reaction of an innocent person?  It is not."

We await Senator Hirono's announcement as to whether Booker and Blumenthal can sit in judgment of Ford's accusation, or whether they belong to the classification of men who need to shut up.

The Democrats say Ford, who accused Kavanaugh in 2018 of attempted rape in 1982, where the incident was never reported to the police, her parents, or her school, and the motive to accuse in 2018 is to keep Kavanaugh off the Supreme Court, is telling the truth and must be believed.  

Ford sent her July 30, 2018 letter only to Democrat Dianne Feinstein, and not to Senator Grassley, the chairman of the Judiciary Committee.  The Democrats then did not share the letter with the Republicans, nor with the FBI or police. 

The Democrats believe that Ford is telling the truth, and Kavanaugh is lying.  What is the point of having Kavanaugh and Ford testify or of having the FBI investigate?  

There is no point in having a hearing.  The Dems have decided to "believe" Ford, without hearing her testimony and without any cross-examination of her testimony.  I doubt they really believe or care about her, but Ford is useful as a means to defeat Kavanaugh.  This is the mentality of leftist totalitarians.

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