String of Retreats: Kirsten Gillibrand

Is lefty crazytalk going out of style? Is backing down the new Democrat talking point? So many of the Democrats' top power players have backed away from previously stated crazy positions in such a short period of time it's logical to think something is going on. Exhibit A: New York's Senator Kirsten Gillibrand. The ultra-ambitious lefty pol spent most of her career acting the role of the fireproof blonde with the suburbs in her blood. She was reasonable, she was liberal, she was Clinton-y. After all, she did take the seat from outgoing Hillary Clinton herself. Then when the border apprehensions and family separations issue moved to the front of the news queue, with wall-to-wall coverage, she jumped out, moving well past her safety zone. She full-on embraced the argot and agenda of the loony left, calling to abolish ICE. Well, until she clarified the other day, with a rather embarassing 'nevermind.' Daily Caller reports: Democratic Sen. Kirsten...(Read Full Post)
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