Bill Maher on new Kavanaugh misconduct allegation: ‘I think it makes us look bad’

Senator Dianne Feinstein’s last ditch attempt to derail the Supreme Court nomination of Judge Brett Kavanaugh is laughable on multiple levels. An anonymous accuser making a vague accusation of a sex-related crime on an uncertain date more than 3 decades ago when the judge was in high school. Maybe, just maybe, if the judge had a reputation as an abuser of women, the way Harvey Weinstein did, then it is possible such a nebulous story might gain a bit of purchase. But given the fact that choirboys and boy scouts look with envy on the track record of Judge Kavanaugh mentoring and helping female colleagues, it requires a panic-fevered mind to take this tall tale seriously.  

Bill Maher may be a leftist, but he enjoys calling out some of the delusions his own side rushes to embrace. Last night on his HBO show, he made it clear that even though he intensely dislikes Judge Kavanaugh, there is no reason to believe the accusation, and embracing it makes Kavanaugh’s opponents look bad.

Watch the short segment embedded below yourself, and you’ll see that he is no apologist. This is a man who has written million dollar checks for progressive causes, as recently as a month ago.  The big question is whether he will be heeded by the impassioned foes of the nomination. I have no doubt that Maher speaks for at least some portion of the Democrats’ base. So, will they turn on Feinstein and those who embrace this fabulation? Could we see a minor civil war break out on the left?  Could this backlash toward this incident seal Feinstein’s fate in her re-election contest with even leftier Kevin DeLeon in November? Bill Maher has called out her new clothes, and the naked 8 decade-old figure visible to all who will see is not attractive in any respect

Rush transcript via Grabien:

What do you think of this Brett Kavanaugh thing where suddenly right before he’s gonna get the vote- and he’s the ultimate suck-up and dick,  I mean, he’s only there because he’s gonna, you know, vote with pardoning Trump, basically letting him off the hook. But now they’re coming at him with this accusation from someone anonymous who that he was at a party, which I find hard to believe, in high school

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