String of Retreats: Kirsten Gillibrand

Is lefty crazytalk going out of style? Is backing down the new Democrat talking point? So many of the Democrats' top power players have backed away from previously stated crazy positions in such a short period of time it's logical to think something is going on.

Exhibit A: New York's Senator Kirsten Gillibrand.

The ultra-ambitious lefty pol spent most of her career acting the role of the fireproof blonde with the suburbs in her blood. She was reasonable, she was liberal, she was Clinton-y. After all, she did take the seat from outgoing Hillary Clinton herself.

Then when the border apprehensions and family separations issue moved to the front of the news queue, with wall-to-wall coverage, she jumped out, moving well past her safety zone. She full-on embraced the argot and agenda of the loony left, calling to abolish ICE. Well, until she clarified the other day, with a rather embarassing 'nevermind.'

Daily Caller reports:

Democratic Sen. Kirsten Gillibrand of New York stated Wednesday that her calls to abolish the Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) were misconstrued, claiming that despite saying “we need to abolish ICE,” she believes America still needs an agency that will fulfill the goals that ICE was created to achieve.

Claiming that the agency has strayed from its intended duties, Gillibrand argued that ICE in its current form should be eliminated, but that a new agency should replace it that will execute the same mission of enforcing U.S. immigration laws and investigating criminal activity of foreign nationals residing within the country.

“Give [ICE] a new name and a new directive,” Gillibrand told The Post-Star‘s editorial board.

Yes, indeed, fire them all and hire them all back again, kind of like Russia did with the KGB, which has had more than a few name changes since Feliks Dzherzinsky made the agency famous for its excessive killings. Sounds like a plan.

And 'misconstrued'? Nope, she was pretty specific. We are all just misconstruers, see, thinking that when she says loony stuff, she means loony stuff. Silly us.

What's interesting here is that she has retreated. Apparently, the nutty stance wasn't paying the dividends she thought it would. The people of Poughkeepsie and Syracuse, Ithaca and Albany (she's the soul of Albany) apparently weren't all that impressed. Politico and Morning Consult report that only 25% of voters are all in for that, because, well, maybe there should be some kind of controls at the border. For Gillibrand, internal polls must have been awful, meaning, she had a problem.

Because that stance is exceptionally extreme. And she came out with it, time and again last June, because she was following a herd. The only reason she got attention for it was that she was not considered part of the nut fringe until that point. So now she's backtracking.

What it suggests is an ego on the downflate. Around the same time Gillibrand was denouncing ICE, Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez became the 'it girl' of Democratic politics, based on her youthful good looks, great graphic design presence, Bernie Bro hipsterliness, and surprise victory in New York City for a congressional seat, toppling an old dinosaur. Gillibrand saw how Ocasio-Cortez was talking - and winning, and it's possible Gillibrand wanted a piece of that, which is why she started talking extreme. It was little different from Hillary Clinton adopting a black accent for a black audience.

And everyone could tell it was fake. After the immigration issue died down and there was no more political hay to be made, and then moderates took quite a few wins in subsequent national primaries, Gillibrand now changes her tune. Oh how tough it is to be a Democratic fireproof blonde, tossed about by so many different political winds. Let's just say that in this retreat, she's telling us a lot about herself. She's not leadership material.



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