Spot the real 'deplorables'

Just who are the Deplorables, anyway?  Are they the sixty million-plus who cast their reasoned vote for Donald J. Trump?  Or are the Deplorables the Obama administration creeps and Bill Kristol NeverTrump types who not only orchestrated a plan to steal an election, but with their defeat put their attainted "Insurance Policy" to work to derail a duly elected president? It seems more appropriate to assign the last administration's cast of Beltway despotics to the "Basket of Deplorables."  The connecting of the dots exposing their coup attempt has been long and arduous, but sunlight is breaking through.  To put it simply, high-level Obama FBI, CIA, NSA, and DOJ senior employees, in concert with the Clinton campaign, the DNC, foreign agents, and NeverTrump types, conspired to stop the possibility of a Trump presidency with the peddling of a dirty and phony dossier. When their sleazy effort failed to deter the over...(Read Full Post)
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