Obama cracks up with Trump Derangement Syndrome

On September 7, Barack Obama gave a speech in Illinois bitterly attacking President Trump and talking about his favorite subjects: himself and slavery.

Obama is angry.  He called on his followers to get out and vote in November to defeat Trump.  He is angry that the voters rejected him in 2016 by electing Trump instead of Hillary.  He knows that this was a rejection of his policies, and more importantly, it was a rejection of Obama personally.  Obama cannot accept this.  He and Joe Biden campaigned for Hillary daily, and Obama even said he would take it as a personal insult if black voters didn't vote for Hillary.

Black voters and Hispanic voters ignored Obama's orders. Trump got more black and Hispanic voters than Romney in 2012.

Obama cannot stand the success of President Trump.  The economy is booming, the stock market is booming, and unemployment is down, but Obama does not care that our country is doing well.  Obama has to give a speech to again try to divide us.

Obama went so far as to claim that the economy is doing well because of his policies.  He cannot accept that Trump turned around the weak Obama economy.   If he really believes this, he is delusional.

Obama said he does not need the Trump tax cuts.  Nobody is forcing Obama to take the tax cuts.  He can write a check to the IRS for any amount he wishes as a gift in addition to the tax he owes.  Who believes he will do this?

Obama trotted out the same class warfare talking points.

Obama said Trump is "cozying up" to Putin.  Obama and Hillary approved the sale of 20% of our uranium to Putin's Russia, but this isn't "cozying up."

Obama cannot accept that Trump is dismantling Obama's legacy.  Trump canceled the Iran sellout deal, where Obama gave Iran 150 billion dollars, plus billions in cash, and Trump is applying sanctions against Iran.  Trump has rejected the Paris Climate Accord, and the Trans-Pacific Partnership, which the N.Y. Times called "Obama's Signature Trade Deal."

Obama knows that Brett Kavanaugh will be confirmed as a Supreme Court justice and that Kavanaugh was brilliant in the hearings, making the Dem senators look foolish.

Unlike Obama, Trump does not apologize for American power.  Trump is proud of our country.

The bottom line is that Obama is angry.  He did all he could to defeat Trump and elect Hillary.  His corrupt FBI/DOJ whitewashed the Hillary email scandal and used the unverified, Hillary-paid-for Steele dossier to obtain FISA warrants to spy on the Trump campaign, which led to the Mueller investigation.  But Obama's efforts failed to elect Hillary.

Further, a grand jury is investigating Andrew McCabe, the second in command at the Obama FBI.

Obama knows that this investigation will lead to Comey; his A.G., Lynch; Hillary; and ultimately himself.  The major players in the Obama FBI and DOJ will be investigated.

Obama failed to defeat Trump.  He is angry and desperate and will campaign to elect enough Dems in the November election to impeach Trump.  Obama's campaigning will have the same success as his campaign to elect Hillary.

Image: Ari Levinson via Wikimedia Commons.

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