No time for silence

It is time to speak up and be heard.  It is time to stand up for maybe the most celebrated and revered of all American principles and traditions.  This is no time for silence. Let me be perfectly clear: I am not an Alex Jones fan.  His brand of conspiracy insanity isn't my cup of tea, but nevertheless, he should be allowed to say such psychologically untethered things if he is so inclined.  There is nothing more American than saying foolish, nonsensical, and even offensive and idiotic things for all to hear.  It's called the First Amendment to the Constitution. The ability to say what you think, no matter who may take offense, is one of the basic and founding principles of our republic.  The public square should not be off limits to offensive people just because the public square is now electronic and controlled by massive private companies. The Constitution does not guarantee your right or mine never to be...(Read Full Post)
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