K-12: Beware the talking dead

The Walking Dead, soon to be in its ninth season, has been one of television's most successful shows.  More than 110 episodes have been produced.  This is especially remarkable because every episode is like the others: zombies eat people. How do we define a zombie?  Mindless.  Oblivious.  Marginally conscious.  Not a thought in their heads.  One notch above dead.  But their bodies work well enough.  After all, their main activity is staggering in pursuit of humans to eat. Some philosophers are fascinated by zombies.  In particular, philosophers want to answer the big questions: what does it mean to be alive? to think? to be conscious? Cynics will see the American educational system in this discussion.  It's a vast bureaucracy with billions of dollars and tens of thousands of people but somehow unable to do the simplest academic tasks.  Think of...(Read Full Post)
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