Iranians want Reza Pahlavi

History is recorded daily, whether we like it or not.  History isn't what happened, but the stories of what happened and the lessons these stories include. Iran is deteriorating faster than we thought, almost to the point of no return.  The Iranian people are aware that after 40 years of complete devastation by the rulers of the Islamic regime, they no longer want the Islamic Republic. In an interview with the Associated Press, Reza Pahlavi remarked, "We all know that regime change is the ultimate formula."  Mr. Pahlavi is a harsh critic of the clerical rulers who have dominated Iran over the last four decades.  "[T]hat's what the Iranian people are asking [for].  It's not going to be because the U.S. says so, or the British say so, or the Saudis say so, or the Israelis say so.  It's because it's what the Iranian people want." Mr. Pahlavi is doing what he can with the limited...(Read Full Post)
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