How much does Obama make at speaking gigs? Don't ask!

Barack Obama threatens to cancel a speaking engagement in Denmark if the Danes publish details of the contract.  Obama probably doesn't want Americans to see him getting princely sums for cashing in on his celebrity.  It makes him seem so – oh, I don't know, so cheap and grimy, so grasping and back-alley and Ivy League.

One Hillary Clinton is enough.

That isn't really fair to Barama, who did only just get into the game and has a lot of ground to make up.  Besides, he's the first black ex-prez, and that increases his value on the open market.  Not everybody gets to admire his pants crease up close, and Barry learned, from watching Hillary operate, to squeeze every small advantage for every dime.

Capitalism, he might say.

There's really no reason for Barry to hide or feel embarrassed; it's already known he's a scam artist.  We have him pegged on the Grifter Scale somewhere between Hillary Clinton and Jesse Jackson.  Hillary's mark is in pink.

So is Barry's.

He never mastered the art of golfing for dollars.  Donald Trump estimates he has made more dough on the golf course than Jack Nicklaus.  But that can be only because Trump grew up rich and white and racist, while poor black Barry was struggling nobly with a choom pipe down on the corner of 12th Street and Vine.

It's not true that Trump's the better golfer, and you're a racist if you say he is.

In any case, it's estimated that Obama will rip off abscond with pocket about $310,000 from the gig.  Not bad for a kid from the South Side.

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Image: Ari Levinson via Wikimedia Commons.

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