He picked a funny day to talk about himself

President Obama's back, but he picked a bad day to re-emerge.  On one side of the screen, there was President Obama talking about the recovery that started on his watch.  On the other half, the news-reader was telling us about economic numbers not seen in a long time.  My guess is that he'd preferred a different day to make his reappearance.

So why is Obama back?  My guess is that this is all about getting black Americans out to vote.

We have seen some interesting numbers and polls about support for President Trump: Rasmussen has 36%, and the NAACP has it at 21%.

Pick 21% or 36%.  They are both huge problems for a Democratic Party accustomed to getting 90% of the black vote.  The truth is that we would be in President Romney's second term if he had received 20% of the total vote.

There is more.  I believe that the Democratic Party is bankrupt when it comes to talking to black Americans.  Democrats have nothing to say except playing the race card and blaming everything on the GOP.

Can President Obama get the black vote to switch or even turn out?  I don't think so.

My guess is that most black Americans are beyond the "first black" president stuff and looking at their decaying neighborhoods run by Democrats and lousy public schools that the Obamas did not send their daughters to.

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