GOP senators victims of doxxing

"Doxing" is "the Internet-based practice of researching and broadcasting private or identifiable information about an individual or organization."  It is dangerous and, in most cases, illegal. That didn't stop some anonymous hackers who accessed a House computer system to rewrite the Wikipedia pages of several senators by adding their home addresses and phone numbers. Salt Lake Tribune: The posts were taken down quickly but tweets about their information continued to boomerang on the internet. Hatch, who is the Senate president pro tempore and third in line for the presidency, alerted Capitol Police, which provides a 24-hour security detail for him. An automatic Twitter bot called Congress Edits, which tracks changes to Wikipedia from internet addresses on Capitol Hill, first posted about the changes to the website, including screen grabs of the personal details.  Posting such information is called "doxing" and can...(Read Full Post)
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