Born to run: Beto's bad-boy bona fides

Texas Democrat Senate candidate Roberto (Beto) O’Rourke seemed to have been forthcoming about his criminal arrests for attempted burglary and DUI. Well, except that he hasn’t. In fact, it would seem that Beto’s mea culpas about his bad-boy behavior failed to include the most damaging information: that according to a witness quoted in the police report, in the immediate aftermath of his serious drunken driving incident, young Beto attempted to flee the scene. That’s right, the current Democratic candidate to represent Texas in the United States Senate, had he been left to his own instincts, might well have been a drunken hit-and-run driver, a type of fleeing felon with which too many Texas voters are extremely familiar and for very good reasons. In a recently released study of hit and run deaths from the American Automobile Association, Texas ranks eighth in the nation, exceeded only by California, Delaware, Arizona, Nevada, Florida,...(Read Full Post)
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